High Awareness and Popularity


Have you tried to execute marketing you can keep up all year, but fallen short? Are you top of mind with clients when it matters? In an industry often plagued with dramatic peaks and troughs in its pipeline, lean periods … Read More

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LESSONS FROM A 70’S RESTAURANT: No1 Don’t fall in Love, Lose Focus and Slice Your Hand Open

In 1976 I lied about my age to get my first job, at The Fantail Restaurant, pouring coffee for the owners of the sports cars and Rolls Royces lined up in its car park. I loved that job – the … Read More

The Best Job I Ever Had

The Fantail Restaurant (now Chapter One) on Farnborough Common was the epitome of 1970’s sophistication. Tinkling music, padded armchair seating, burgundy velvet lampshades, dimmed lighting and long starched white linen table cloths.   Sports cars and Rolls Royces filled the car … Read More

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Are Stories More Powerful than Stats?

Mark had a mind for facts and figures.  He knew policy, precedent, laws and legal frameworks. So it was a surprise when his boss called him in to discuss his effectiveness. It seemed that while nobody doubted Mark was super-clever, … Read More

Be Honest, is Your Team Bringing In Enough Work, or Leaving it to You?

  Your business might be growing but if it’s just down to a couple of people to generate the income, its success will always be precarious, its value uncertain and its future at risk. Imagine a company where revenue generation … Read More

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Are Extroverts Inherently Evil?

Judging by my social media feed, introverts are good, extroverts are bad. Introverts are the Cinderellas of our world; humble, quiet, hard working and genuine.  They will get their rewards when we finally appreciate what they do.  Extroverts, on the … Read More

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Can Introverts be Powerful?

  An ambitious young woman approached me after a talk I gave last week on increasing effectiveness by increasing your influence.  We were discussing providing business solutions to stakeholders.  ‘I don’t think I can do that because I’m an introvert’, … Read More

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Can you manage your menagerie?

Over the course of this week I’ve introduced you to Tigers, Labradors, Whales and Hawks – each with great and also with some unhelpful behaviours when they’re stressed. How’s it going in your team? Are the Whales feeling overpowered by … Read More

Hawk flying

Can you help the hawks see the big picture?

Hawks can spot details from 30 meters up the air. In the office, they’re remarkable too. Nobody has such attention to data and structure – and when working on a problem, they won’t stop until it’s absolutely right.   They … Read More

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Can you make the whale feel safe?

Those steady whales, they are the glue that holds your team together. Who else is going to care so much if the team is aligned or if we are following a process through to the end? Once they’ve bought in … Read More