High Awareness and Popularity


Have you tried to execute marketing you can keep up all year, but fallen short? Are you top of mind with clients when it matters? In an industry often plagued with dramatic peaks and troughs in its pipeline, lean periods … Read More

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LESSONS FROM A 70’S RESTAURANT: No1 Don’t fall in Love, Lose Focus and Slice Your Hand Open

In 1976 I lied about my age to get my first job, at The Fantail Restaurant, pouring coffee for the owners of the sports cars and Rolls Royces lined up in its car park. I loved that job – the … Read More

The Best Job I Ever Had

The Fantail Restaurant (now Chapter One) on Farnborough Common was the epitome of 1970’s sophistication. Tinkling music, padded armchair seating, burgundy velvet lampshades, dimmed lighting and long starched white linen table cloths.   Sports cars and Rolls Royces filled the car … Read More

What if we clicked with everyone we worked with?

Some people we just get on with from the first meeting. You understand each other. You’re comfortable with each other. It’s clear you’re the same sort of people somehow, even though you’ve only just met. It’s a privileged relationship that … Read More

You can rise to the challenge but can you maintain it?

Some of us seem to be naturally dependable. Others of us love a challenge to rise to and can reach great heights when the pressure’s on. But when the heat’s off, the real challenge begins. Can we keep it up? … Read More

Trust: Does it matter if your skills are not up up date?

Some experienced professionals have been doing things the same way for years. It’s often these senior people who ask me, ‘But really, do I really need to change what I’ve been doing? It’s served me for 20 years – my … Read More

Is your nanny running a drug cartel?

Rachel Botsman (Fellow at Oxford Uni) tells the story of her nanny who was super trustworthy with the children but was actually robbing banks and running the largest drugs ring in north London with the au pair next door.   … Read More

A Horse Walks into a Bar

The bartender says ‘Hey, why the long face?’ I don’t know what I’d do without humour. It’s the ultimate ‘get real’ tool.   Christopher Booker’s 6th universal narrative is the Comedy. This is essentially lighthearted but also plots the journey … Read More

Character is Fate: The Inevitability of Tragedy

‘Character is Fate’ says Thomas Hardy. In his books, the protagonist’s fate is sealed by a fatal flaw.   This makes for a deliciously painful story as we can see what he can’t. We anticipate his downfall. We will him … Read More

The Cautionary Tale of Running Before We Can Talk

The ‘Rags to Riches’ story teaches us two things: 1) We have every right to the riches, but also 2) They will be taken from us if we haven’t done the hard yards.   One of Christopher Booker’s 7 basic … Read More