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Leaping the Barriers

The 3 Keys to Women’s Advancement


Women score higher than men on performance assessments, but are less likely to get promoted.

Unknowingly, women are often pressing the wrong buttons to make the lift go up!

We know it’s rarely a level playing field but what are the most powerful things women can do to advance their careers?

An enlightening, empowering talk with plenty of audience participation to help women reach career fulfilment and companies get the best from their female leaders.

The 8 Joys of Leadership:

How we can get more out of leadership for ourselves and others


We talk a lot about the challenges of leadership, but what about the joys? Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility but along with duty comes the increased power we have to make a difference, to grow as individuals and help all those around us do so too.

This refreshing take on Leadership is inspiring, motivating, engaging and very entertaining.

People-Pleasing Gets You Nowhere

Why some of us are compelled to say ‘yes’, even when it helps nobody.


Collaboration and teamwork are constructive, people-pleasing is not. Those who play ‘caregiver’ roles are most likely to be ignored for promotion.

This talk identifies what causes our need to people-please, how it sells us short and puts us in the most vulnerable position of all.

So how do you take a more constructive approach?

What Clients are saying

"I could not recommend Sara highly enough. There are nuggets to draw on for a lifetime. It is huge fun too, as Sara makes it all the more enriching with her fantastic sense of humour and making it feel ‘real’ and applicable rather than theoretical and pie in the sky!
Rebecca Harrison
Founder, Mosaik Consulting
"Sara’s energy is positive and inspiring. Not only has she helped me gain focus in my career, but the tips and tools provided have been invaluable on a personal level."
Melissa Dale
Segment Development Manager, Australia Post

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