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Are Your Achievements Recognised?

Were you raised to respect some people less than others? Or to respect those in authority more than those not?

I guess it depends how much your societal construct is based on a meritocracy. My mother was of the generation that respected men over women and those with titles or in the professions over those without. I tend to respect everyone the same unless you’ve done something to earn more of it.

In your company, is respect given to everyone? Is more given to those who achieve or to those with titles/hierarchical seniority?

Have you ever deserved more respect than you got, or got more than you deserved? How did that feel?

Or perhaps you feel that no one person deserves greater respect than another.

As Kristie Rogers, Associate Professor of Marquette University, says,

if you have professional achievements but are not given ‘earned respect’ for them, it can be demoralising and doesn’t encourage a culture of achievement.

Whether we lead a team or are a member of one, we can add to the culture of respect by showing it to others and acknowledging the achievements of our peers.

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Sara Garcia

I’m a women’s leadership coach working with mid/senior professionals to help them develop the skills and mindsets they need to create the professional life they want.

I use proven psychological and business techniques to empower women, help them overcome challenges, grab opportunity and thrive.