The Sad Story of Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury

Both superstars tried new ventures and returned finding there’s no place like home. Was it vanity? Disloyalty? Greed that lead them astray?   Thank goodness they were able to come home and lick their wounds.   When we’re comfortable or … Read More

The Quest: Celebrate the Accumulative Rewards of the Journey

Is your team on an up and down journey to its destination? Here’s how to celebrate the riches you acquire along the way – from the troughs as well as the peaks.   Have you found riches in the troughs … Read More

The Rebirth Narrative – Are you renewing your team in 2020?

Christopher Booker’s theory suggests we don’t do it alone. The second of his 7 key narratives celebrates the opportunity to be born again. We shed a skin, we emerge from a cocoon, are born again from flames.   This is … Read More

grandpa and child

Are Stories More Powerful than Stats?

Mark had a mind for facts and figures.  He knew policy, precedent, laws and legal frameworks. So it was a surprise when his boss called him in to discuss his effectiveness. It seemed that while nobody doubted Mark was super-clever, … Read More

Be Honest, is Your Team Bringing In Enough Work, or Leaving it to You?

  Your business might be growing but if it’s just down to a couple of people to generate the income, its success will always be precarious, its value uncertain and its future at risk. Imagine a company where revenue generation … Read More

Santa, the Destructive Micromanager

A week before Xmas I was putting my 4 year old child to bed. It hadn’t been one of his best days. The closer Xmas got, the worse his behaviour was.   In desperation to stop this spiral, I reminded … Read More

Why is Santa still around?

It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely story and yet billions of people perpetuate it every year. Australians will spend up to $1500 per person this year. Globally, we are pretty invested in this myth.   Santa’s story is short … Read More

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Are Extroverts Inherently Evil?

Judging by my social media feed, introverts are good, extroverts are bad. Introverts are the Cinderellas of our world; humble, quiet, hard working and genuine.  They will get their rewards when we finally appreciate what they do.  Extroverts, on the … Read More

i came I saw I left early

Can Introverts be Powerful?

  An ambitious young woman approached me after a talk I gave last week on increasing effectiveness by increasing your influence.  We were discussing providing business solutions to stakeholders.  ‘I don’t think I can do that because I’m an introvert’, … Read More

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Can you manage your menagerie?

Over the course of this week I’ve introduced you to Tigers, Labradors, Whales and Hawks – each with great and also with some unhelpful behaviours when they’re stressed. How’s it going in your team? Are the Whales feeling overpowered by … Read More