A Horse Walks into a Bar

The bartender says ‘Hey, why the long face?’ I don’t know what I’d do without humour. It’s the ultimate ‘get real’ tool.   Christopher Booker’s 6th universal narrative is the Comedy. This is essentially lighthearted but also plots the journey … Read More

Character is Fate: The Inevitability of Tragedy

‘Character is Fate’ says Thomas Hardy. In his books, the protagonist’s fate is sealed by a fatal flaw.   This makes for a deliciously painful story as we can see what he can’t. We anticipate his downfall. We will him … Read More

The Cautionary Tale of Running Before We Can Talk

The ‘Rags to Riches’ story teaches us two things: 1) We have every right to the riches, but also 2) They will be taken from us if we haven’t done the hard yards.   One of Christopher Booker’s 7 basic … Read More

The Sad Story of Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury

Both superstars tried new ventures and returned finding there’s no place like home. Was it vanity? Disloyalty? Greed that lead them astray?   Thank goodness they were able to come home and lick their wounds.   When we’re comfortable or … Read More

The Quest: Celebrate the Accumulative Rewards of the Journey

Is your team on an up and down journey to its destination? Here’s how to celebrate the riches you acquire along the way – from the troughs as well as the peaks.   Have you found riches in the troughs … Read More

The Rebirth Narrative – Are you renewing your team in 2020?

Christopher Booker’s theory suggests we don’t do it alone. The second of his 7 key narratives celebrates the opportunity to be born again. We shed a skin, we emerge from a cocoon, are born again from flames.   This is … Read More