A Horse Walks into a Bar

The bartender says ‘Hey, why the long face?’ I don’t know what I’d do without humour. It’s the ultimate ‘get real’ tool.


Christopher Booker’s 6th universal narrative is the Comedy. This is essentially lighthearted but also plots the journey of two opposing sides and their protagonists who try to pull them together.


As time progresses so there is more confusion, misunderstanding, complication and in hindsight when the story is told, it’s all quite pretty amusing – though it’s very serious to those involved at the time.


In the end after the greatest confusion and furore of them all, they all see the goodness in each other and unite with a big celebration.


Think ‘Porque no las dos?’ as a great campaign of this ilk.


Humour encourages to get a bigger perspective on a difficult issue and laugh at ourselves.


Carefully done, laughing at the scenario with respect and self-deprecation, we can reduce the tension and help others to see sense.


Not taking ourselves so seriously is a fantastic approach to conflict.


And using this approach in storytelling can help to defuse a difficult situation.


How has taking a light-hearted view helped tell a story in your business?






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