Revenue Generation

Turn Professionals into Rainmakers

However worthy the purpose...

If a company doesn’t make a profit it can’t survive. A company with senior staff who, while being great at their craft, don’t bring in revenue for themselves and others, is going to suffer.

Creating Commercial Consultants

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The stability of a company can be measured by the number of people who are substantial revenue generators.

When consultants don’t step up to become revenue generators, not only does the company profitability suffer, but their careers stall and you risk losing them.

This is costly and de-stablising.

Many professionals are resistant to the idea of ‘selling’. They see it as a disingenuous act where the seller tries to hoodwink the buyer. Steeped as they are in professional integrity, their misguided image of the salesperson is at odds with their self-image and their aspirations.

We develop ‘selling as helping’ to be at the heart of good business relationships. Skills in tailored communication and identifying opportunities are embedded in the business.

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revenue generation, sara garcia training course, girl standing in front of a waterfall

Fill Your Pipeline

A program to build your company’s presence and relevance in the mind of your target market.

If you’re in a small or medium sized company you will be familiar with the rollercoaster that is annual revenue and cashflow. Periods of famine and feast are common, especially in industries where adhoc work prevails. It’s the sort of thing that can wake you at 3am in a panic.

This is more than frustrating, it prevents planning and investment which reduces competitiveness.

So why does this happen? It’s no good simply trying to shake the tree when you see the famine on the horizon. You need to increase awareness, relevance and relationships.

You will be coached through relationship development and techniques for increasing your ability to be top of mind and relevant, tailored to winning more work and higher profile projects.

“All of business relies on effective human relationships and this Masterclass has transformed the way I’ll help my clients ‘get’ what I do.”
Chris Meredith
CEO, Chilli Sauce
“Sara certainly opened my eyes to how some of my own behaviour might be hampering me – you can’t self-analyse so effectively and it’s very useful have an observer give you their perspective.”
Lisa Lee
Senior Research Director, Hummingbird Insight

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