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When people work well together, magic happens

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Strong teams are your most precious asset because they can learn, they can create, they can be flexible and resilient. We all know the glorious feeling of individuals working collaboratively and how the energy they generate is infectious.

Perhaps your team, or teams, are not working so well.


Are they demotivated, stagnant or defensive?

Have you got a blame culture on your hands?

Are people more likely to talk behind backs than face to face?

Or perhaps they are all very friendly, but resist disagreement or challenge?

How can you establish an environment of trust and collaboration?

How can you get the siloes firing together at last?

How can you turn your consultants into rainmakers?

Sara has really helped us to look at things through a new lens

“Principals has gone through enormous growth in the last five to six years. Sara was brought in to help us to understand how to communicate and work better together as a team. Sara helped us come to grips with the key things we need to think about to really support the business growth and how to get our teams to collaborate better.

Sara dealt with the challenge of understanding what the next layer of leadership is going to look like. Sara helped us find where we need to focus to start to build out those plans and be comfortable that we’re going to be leaving a great legacy for the future.

Principals has an amazing culture. We’re all really lovely to each other. But the flipside of that is we’re not always that good at having the really tricky conversations. Sara’s workshops with the management team created a safe space and framework to grapple with knotty issues, really have constructive conversations, and move things forward in a positive way.

The coaching has been incredibly practical and makes a significant difference to the way interactions happen in the business.

Sara’s great! Good fun, down to earth. It’s really practical tangible constructive advice, that is very guiding and provides a lot of really strong guidance. It’s advice that gives you an immediate outcome and immediate benefit. I’m really, really glad we’ve been through this process I think it’s helped us enormously.

Sara for us has really helped us to look at things through a new lens. Communication, interaction, creating focus, removing complexity and anxiety, how we work together as a team and being able to break us out of a particular mindset that has evolved over years.

I think any teams that are grappling with how to communicate better, how to work more effectively together, how to create a step change in the business to focus on growth, and really putting the right people systems in place to support that, would really benefit from Sara’s programs.

Sara suits a leadership team level almost more than other levels. Primarily because of her own experience in running businesses and working at that executive level for a long time. Sara understands the challenges, the mindsets, the anxieties, the challenges that people in leadership positions are trying to grapple with in terms of running their own business and leading teams.

Tui Horo

Group Operations Director, Principals

Work with Sara

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“Sara has easy and accessible frameworks to help understand yourself and others to improve communication. Sara is an outstanding facilitator with years of experience with these tools and people in business.”
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Barbara Edwards
Consumer Insights Manager, Arnott’s
“Sara has provided my team with an essential tool kit for our future success. These tools are easy to understand yet will have a powerful impact!”
Kim McFadden
Head of Insights, Metcash

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